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My Thoughts On ‘I Don’t Know What To Do’

I just read Fredrik de Boer’s piece, responding to Jonathon Chait’s New York Magazine article earlier this week in the New York Times and while I find it kind of odd he calls Chait an asshole and then subsequently agrees … Continue reading

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Here’s My Totally Real Girlfriend That You’ll Never Meet

From the Daily Beast: “Finally. A girlfriend your friends can believe in.” So says the tagline of Invisible Girlfriend, a beta online service that creates the illusion of a partner. For $24.99, you get texts, voicemails, even a hand-written note … Continue reading

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Quigley Reviews: Wrestlemania I

I’ll admit upfront I’ve been an on-again, off-again wrestling fan most of my life. I go through periods where the talent, storylines and general feel all come together into something absolutely fun and entertaining. And then the talent gets old, … Continue reading

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SUPER HAPPY FUNTIME FRIENDZONE HOUR!!! The Friendzone, What It Is, How to Outgrow It

1. Introduction I start this with a confession: I used to be one of those young men who believed in this concept and all of its awful, ugly, self-pitying glory. My main reason for writing this is to help other … Continue reading

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